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Ogden hairstylist offers free services for those struggling with mental health

Posted at 8:58 PM, Oct 10, 2022

OGDEN, Utah — Monday was World Mental Health Day, and one Utah hairstylist offered her services for free to help those struggling.

Brittney Bott cuts, dyes and works out of her business called "Occultist Hair." Her booth is located inside the Thomas Hardy Salons in Ogden.

“Something about it... I like making people feel good about themselves and see what everyone else sees,” said Bott.

She recognizes that when people are battling dark thoughts, physical appearance can be the last thing on their minds.

“When I’m in a really dark place, it’s hard for me to wash my hair, to shower, all of those kinds of things, because I don’t want to be perceived by other people,” she said.

That’s why she posted in a local community Facebook page, volunteering to help.

“If you’re going through it, and you cannot get the motivation to wash your hair…please reach out,” she wrote. “I will wash your hair, put some great detangling products in it, and blow-dry/braid it for you – free of charge.”

She went on to write, “I’ve been there. I want to help…No judgement, no questions. We don’t even have to talk. Let me help you take care of yourself.”

“By offering this for other people, taking care of them when they can’t, it’s just a really simple way to make them feel human again,” Bott told FOX 13 News.

There’s something about the salon chair where people feel comfortable opening up.

“I’m not a mental health professional; I can’t offer advice," she said. "But even just being there, listening to them, hearing them really helps people work through things internally."

Bott says in almost every interaction, there’s never a dry eye.

“[One client] started crying and said, ‘I’m glad that I’m not alone,’” she said. “And I think that’s what it is: helping people realize they’re not alone and other people are experiencing the same thing.”

You can book an appointment with Occultist Hair here or check out Bott's Instagram page to view her work here.