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Salt Lake City Mission hosts Easter meal for those in need

Posted at 9:18 PM, Apr 09, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — One organization in Salt Lake City made sure no one was left out this Easter.

The Salt Lake City Mission hosted people experiencing homelessness and others struggling to put food on the table for Easter service and lunch.

Lola Marcial made the meal. For her, cooking for the Mission goes full circle.

She and her family of six children needed help from the Mission at one point in time.

“One time we needed food and somebody gave us a flyer and it had them on here, the Mission,” she said, “And so I came and was getting food for them, and then I wanted to give back when I was OK — when we're doing OK, me and my family. I wanted to give back.”

Now she plays an instrumental role in making people feel cared for.

“I feel like they should get a home-cooked meal, a nice warm meal," Marcial said. "Everybody deserves that."

Pastor Shawn Clay, the director of Salt Lake City Mission, said it’s particularly important to spread joy on Easter.

“It’s celebrating our risen savior, Jesus Christ, and you know, he rose for everybody,” said Clay. “Whether you’re rich, whether you’re poor, whether you’re loved or unloved, he loves everyone and he’s risen for everyone.”

He said the need is greater than ever this year. If he had to put a number to it, he said demand is up by 70-80%.

“We see people who used to come in and donate food,” he said. “Now we see them coming in and needing help with putting food on the table.”

He said organizations like his need help keeping up with demand.

“We really need the support of those in this valley because now we’re not just serving in Salt Lake," he said. "Since inflation and in the way that things have progressed, we are serving people throughout this state."

Marcial said small gestures go a long way.

“At least a thought, a prayer — anything helps. You can help with anything,” she said.