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Utah man driving lawn mower across state for a good cause

Posted at 4:49 PM, May 17, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — Inspiration hit Scott Morgan out of nowhere.

“It was a situation of waking up at two in the morning and just realizing that I didn't do enough for charity," he explained. "I needed to contribute a little bit more to the community, and I wasn't certain how to do that.

"The following day I was out on the lawn mower cutting the grass, and I realized that this is a this is a way to do that.”

Morgan decided he wanted to raise money and awareness for Salt Lake City’s Ronald McDonald House, a place for families to stay while their children are in the hospital.

From the Idaho border to the Arizona border, Morgan's 10-day "Rolling for Ronald" trip will span 439 miles.

“I think the community is proud of what they do," said Morgan. "They have a beautiful facility here in Salt Lake inside and out. It's just a quiet, peaceful place to be, and as you drive by, you're reminded of how good the people of Utah really are to contribute to make this happen.”

Tommy Rees remembers the day in November when he thought he was taking his son Willy to the hospital for a broken hip.

"They said, ‘No, he has cancer. It's really bad. And the plane is here. They're leaving to Utah.’ It just rocked us," he shared. “What a burden-lifter [Ronald McDonald House] was because we were really worried about where we were going to stay.”

After six months of calling the Ronald McDonald House home, Willy is now battling stage-five leukemia, and Rees doesn’t know what his family would have done if it weren’t for people like Morgan.

“Making everybody understand kind of what we're doing and what we need to keep doing it, it's amazing," he said. "Scott's a great guy.”

After making a quick stop in Salt Lake, Morgan will be back on the road for another seven days before ending his trip ending in Kanab.

Those wishing to donate to "Rolling for Ronald" can CLICK HERE.