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Utah’s New State Stone: What is Honeycomb Calcite?

Posted at 9:59 PM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 23:59:41-04

HANNA, Utah — Did you know Utah has a new state stone?

On March 16th, Governor Spencer Cox signed off on House Bill 188 which recognizes honeycomb calcite.

The semi-precious stone was first discovered by Floyd Anderson in 1995.

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It is believed to have formed about 150 million years ago, “below sea level, and is now at ten thousand five hundred feet in the high Uintas,” said Rick Stott of Shamrock Mining in Hanna, Utah

Stott and his wife Jeannie own Shamrock Mining in Hanna, Utah where they turn large pieces of the stone into slabs for building materials which are shipped around the world.

“You can pretty much use it in about everything,” Jeannie Stott said.

She makes jewelry with small pieces.

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“No piece is the same, everybody gets a unique one of a kind piece,” she said.

Aside from the beauty of the somewhat translucent stone, some customers seek it out for what they believe are its healing properties.

“It’s like a good day on the beach. It’s real energizing,” said Jennie Stott.

Shamrock Mining has a gift shop in Hanna, Utah where Honeycomb Calcite can be seen.

On the first floor of the Utah State Capitol building, a state emblem on the floor features a honeycomb inlaid with honeycomb calcite.