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Pepsi Contest Calls For Mixing Soda And Milk For ‘pilk And Cookies’

Pepsi Contest Calls For Mixing Soda And Milk For ‘pilk And Cookies’
Posted at 2:05 PM, Dec 02, 2022

Of all the things you’ve thought to mix with Pepsi — grenadine, or perhaps some rum? — milk has probably not crossed your mind. But the soda company is looking to change that this holiday season, inviting Pepsi fans to create “pilk” — a mixture of Pepsi and milk. Pepsi says the drink pairs well with cookies and even suggests leaving it out for Santa. You know, to give him a bit of a caffeine boost for a long night of gift-giving!

Those that haven’t heard of mixing Pepsi with milk may be surprised to learn that it’s actually been around since the 1970s — Penny Marshall’s Laverne even drank Pepsi and milk on “Laverne & Shirley.” Also known as a dirty soda, the combo has recently found new fame on TikTok under a new name: pilk.

Pepsi partnered Santa with actor Lindsay Lohan, whose new film “Falling for Christmas” is now on Netflix, to announce a sweepstakes for those who want to join the “naughty list” and get some extra cash for all those holiday presents.

Now through Christmas Day, 25 fans will have a chance to win a $1,000 pre-paid debit card by entering the Pilk and Cookies Holiday Challenge. To enter, follow @Pepsi on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok and share a photo or video of what the company calls your “dirty, delicious” pilk and cookies treat with hashtags #PilkandCookies #Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents age 18 or older. While there is technically no purchase necessary to enter, you will have to buy Pepsi in order to make the drink for your photo or video.

If you don’t want to simply mix Pepsi and milk for your contest entry, the brand has created a few recipes that help you get the perfect ratio of Pepsi to milk, along with some extra mix-ins, like flavored creamers, that turn these into fun, non-alcoholic party drinks. They’ve even made a list of the best cookies to pair with each recipe. The Nutty Cracker, for example, combines almond milk, coconut creamer and Nitro Pepsi Vanilla and is recommended for drinking with a peanut butter cookie.

You can find more recipes in a press release from Pepsi.

Santa mixes Pepsi with milk in ad

By Kaitlin Gates, for Newsy


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