Utah Booze News podcast: A Salt Lake City bar is serving drinks under a court order and Sam Adams’ founder on 3.2

Posted at 12:00 PM, Nov 13, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is on strange new legal ground after a judge allowed a Salt Lake City bar to serve alcohol under a court order.

Why? Because when the DABC took Button Down’s license away, it gave it to someone else. There are no full-service liquor licenses available in Utah. (Do yourself a favor and read the background here and a little more here).

In the latest episode of “Utah Booze News: An Alcohol Policy Podcast,” FOX 13’s Ben Winslow and The Salt Lake Tribune’s Kathy Stephenson talk about that and how “Beer Day” went with 3.2 beer going away.

Kathy with Jim Koch

Kathy Stephenson interviewing Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams Beer. (Image via Kathy Stephenson)

Kathy also interviews Sam Adams founder Jim Koch about 3.2 beer and competing in a new “free market.”

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