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This pull-apart chocolate chip cheesecake Christmas tree calls for just 4 ingredients

This pull-apart chocolate chip cheesecake Christmas tree calls for just 4 ingredients
Posted at 9:25 AM, Dec 17, 2019

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Looking for a sweet treat to serve on Christmas morning or need a fun dessert to bring to a holiday party? Pillsbury has a festive recipe that uses its Crescent dinner rolls to create a pastry treat that could be best described as a cross between chocolate croissants and cheesecake.

The cream cheese and chocolate chip-stuffed Crescent rolls are arranged on a baking pan to form a Christmas tree, and the rolls can easily be pulled apart, which will make them a hit at your holiday gatherings. We’re willing to be it will stand out on a table full of cookies and pies!

The best part is that this adorable and tasty tree is super easy to make. You’ll just need two cans of Pillsbury’s Crescent dinner rolls, cream cheese, powdered sugar and chocolate chips. You might even have those on hand already!

Your two cans of rolls will give you 16 dough triangles, which you’ll cut in half with a pizza cutter or sharp knife so you have a total of 32 triangles.


You’ll mix together the cream cheese and powdered sugar, then spoon some of the mix on shortest side of each triangle, then add some chocolate chips.

Then, just roll up each Crescent, starting at shortest side of the triangle, and place the rolls into a tree-shaped pattern on cookie sheet, starting with the top of the tree and working your way down to the trunk.


After you bake the tree, you can sprinkle it with extra powdered sugar, if desired. To make things easier, Pillsbury suggests using a fine-mesh sieve to sprinkle the tree with powdered sugar. The full recipe has other helpful tips as well.

Want to go the savory route? Pillsbury also has a similar but savory pull-apart Cresent roll Christmas tree recipe that’s stuffed with cheese, glazed with butter and sprinkled with parsley. This tree would be great for an appetizer.

Whether you make a sweet or savory tree, you’re probably doing a ton of baking over the holidays, so you might want to buy some professional baking sheets, like these highly rated Nordic Ware commercial baking sheets. It’s not too late for your family to order them for you for Christmas!


Want some more easy holiday recipes that will wow a crowd? Try this three-ingredient Christmas fudge swirl recipe or these easy Christmas cookie recipes.

Happy baking!

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