Work for us Wednesday: Domino's Pizza hiring managers, drivers, pizza makers

Posted at 4:59 PM, Aug 26, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — Domino's has been serving up pizza to people since the 60's and now they want to help people in Salt Lake by opening hundreds of jobs.

Millions of people around the country have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but there are still companies that are hiring, like Domino's

“It’s a very flexible job so we’re looking for people who are part time, we’re also looking for full-time,” said Kevin Kerchenko, the Director of Operations for Domino's in Salt Lake.

The restaurant is looking to hire managers, delivery drivers and pizza makers to fill 700 open positions in the Salt Lake area.

“It’s a really fast paced job, it’s exciting, everyone works together as a team and we love really just taking care of our customers that’s what we pride ourselves on,” said Kerchenko.

As people head back to work, Kerchenko also says safety is something many people are prioritizing, including Domino's.

“We follow all the CDC guidelines, obviously you can see when you come to work we all wear masks, before you go to work we do a health questionnaire, we take your temperature we’re constantly sanitizing and cleaning our stores,” said Kerchenko.

He also says Domino's works with employees who need a flexible schedule.

“If you’re going to school, or if you have a day job, come work for us at night or work for us on the weekends or make a career out of it, I started off as an assistant manager in Las Vegas and Domino’s is taking me all through the country in the world,” said Kerchenko.

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