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5 services that will ship your luggage to avoid mishandling from airlines

5 services that will ship your luggage to avoid mishandling from airlines
Posted at 9:05 AM, Jun 24, 2022

The U.S. Department of Transportation defines mishandled bags as checked luggage that passengers report lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered while in an airline’s custody during domestic nonstop flights. In April 2022 alone, the department said that more than 219,000 bags were mishandled.

A report by aviation tech company SITA found that the rate of luggage mishandling increased by 24% in 2021. Transfers and international flights tend to have a higher risk of mishandling. And even the best luggage set might not be able to withstand the abuse.

One way to avoid this issue is to use a luggage shipping service. Using these services allows you to travel without dragging heavy bags around or worrying about getting them back in good condition. Instead, you can have as much luggage as you’d like on your trip, skip long lines and even save money on baggage fees.

Check out some popular luggage shipping services, including what they offer and how to use them.



This service’s goal is to make luggage shipping affordable and accessible. Using existing logistics networks, LugLess searches for the cheapest luggage shipping rates for you. Then, you can choose options such as having your bags delivered to your doorstep or having them held at a nearby FedEx or UPS location.

Once you choose your service options, LugLess will tell you when to ship and send you a label. Then, take your bags to a nearby shipper, who can print the labels for you if you choose, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Visit to find out more.



After you select the types and sizes of bags you want to ship, ShipGo will give you an estimated total. From there, you can select options and add details, like the value of your items and when you want them delivered.

This service will also pick up your luggage from your home or office.

Visit ShipGo to learn more.


Luggage Free

This company guarantees its shipping services and allows you to book with a live representative. You can arrange services online or by phone and the company can retrieve your bags within six hours of your order in most major U.S. cities or within 48 hours of your order internationally.

Your bags are tracked multiple times a day throughout the process.

Visit Luggage Free online.

Luggage Free

Luggage Forward

With this luggage shipping service, you can book online or by phone. Once you choose when you want your items delivered, the service will provide several shipping dates and pricing options. Then, pack your bags and decide to have them picked up or drop them off at a local shipper.

This service also allows you to have your luggage picked up from or delivered directly to a cruise ship.

Learn more at Luggage Forward.

Luggage Forward

Luggage To Ship

Not only will this service pick up and deliver your luggage to your destination (and home again), it also offers six months of free storage for your items. You can even extend storage time for $10 per month for each piece of luggage.

This company partners with FedEx and DHL for flexible shipping options.

Visit Luggage to Ship to learn more.

Luggage to Ship

Would you ship your luggage separately on your next trip?

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