Colin Kaepernick jersey sells out immediately

Colin Kaepernick jersey sells out immediately
Posted at 7:14 PM, Sep 17, 2020

Despite not having played in an NFL game in nearly four years, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey is still a huge sell.

On Thursday, Nike released a No. 7 Kaepernick jersey to honor four years since the then San Francisco 49ers quarterback took a knee during the national anthem in a protest against police brutality. Within minutes, the jersey sold out.

Nike has not said how many jerseys were sold as part of Thursday's sale.

The jerseys sold for $150 on Nike’s website.

By Thursday night, Kaepernick’s jersey had offers on eBay for $350.

“Four years ago, I took a knee to protest against systemic racism and social injustice,” Kaepernick said. “It was that day that the number on my jersey would come to represent something greater than football, something greater than me.

“Since then, the number 7 jersey has become a symbol for advancing the liberation and well-being of Black & Brown communities. Thank you for staying True.”