Fans excited to cheer on University of Utah basketball team in 'Sweet 16' game

Posted at 8:07 AM, Mar 22, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — College basketball fans are gearing up for a huge game on Friday as the University of Utah women's basketball team is taking on Louisiana State after making it into the "Sweet 16."

At the University of Utah campus, students are ready to cheer on their team.

Junior Mikaela Field has been to most of the games this season.

"Every single one of them starting in January yeah, I've been to all of them," Field said. "I love it, they're doing great, it's so exciting to go there and watch them play and kill it every time."

Claire Peterson, also a junior at the U said watching the team progress has been "exciting."

"It has been so exciting just watching them even from last season to this season how much they've improved," she said.

For Abby Bluth, a sophomore, she said she feels conflicted because her home state is Louisiana.

"I'm a little conflicted but I have to cheer on my Utes," Bluth said, "They're my team and I know they're going to pull out the win against LSU."

Field is optimistic that this is just the beginning of the Utes March Madness journey, saying she believes they could make it "all the way."

"We're the number two seed, I really think we can do it," Field said. "Just come out and support, it's great basketball and go Utes!"

The team is leaving for North Carolina, where the game will be hosted, on Wednesday and FOX 13 Sports reporter Andrea Urban will be at the game covering the latest updates.