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What's the design process behind branding Utah's Hockey Club?

Posted at 6:35 AM, Jun 28, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — As Utah’s new NHL team gets to take the ice this season. There is a whole different team busy behind the scenes working on the club’s new look, a name, and a logo to go with it.

Tom O’Grady, the man behind the original mountain logo on the Utah Jazz uniforms, discussed with FOX 13 News what goes into the formula for creating a lasting brand and design.

“An expansion team project is very, very complicated," he explained. “They're not an expansion team as far as the roster, but they're an expansion team as far as an identity. So it's almost like the NHL is adding another team…and so they have to look at it with fresh eyes.”

O'Grady said nothing can be done until the team finds their name.

“Try to find a recognizable name, distinct enough, but still easy to say,” he reflected. “So it's not too complicated to say, you know, that's important that kind of rolls off the tongue.”

After deciding on a name, experts will have to pick a distinct logo and proprietary colors.

“They have so far like a sky blue, black and white...but what's that other color or two that they could bring into the equation?”

O'Grady suggests they stick with a Jazz fan-favorite color.

“I would hope that they would bring in purple…and I bring that up because you're in the same building as the jazz, you guys are sharing the same facility. It can simplify what you do with your signage, the whole nine yards," he said.

As for the name, O’Grady thinks it will end up being the Yeti...but it’s not his favorite.

Owner Ryan Smith has promised to listen to fans, but when all is said and done, the final decision will be his.

O'Grady also mentioned, that if "Yeti" wins, it could be expensive to get yeti coolers to release the naming rights.

“They've got a great opportunity,” Tom said. “It's a lovely marketplace, great people around. I'm excited to see what they do.”