Utah's Cam Rising hosts 'Rising Stars' football camp for athletes of all ages, all abilities

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jun 15, 2024

HERRIMAN, Utah — University of Utah quarterback Cam Rising has been busy this off-season, hosting his first-ever "Rising Stars" football camp at Herriman High School.

"I've been in Utah for quite a while now; it really has become home to me," said Rising. "Utes fans always come out and show so much support for us, so we're giving to the community and doing anything we can."

His football camp was for all athletes, grades K-12, and special needs athletes got to be a part of the fun with the "12th man" portion of the camp.

"I just wanted to make sure everybody has the opportunity," Rising said. "Football is sometimes only for a select few, and when you can invite more people to be involved with football, it just expands the horizon."

Supported by GATS Entertainment, this football camp was more than just sport. There was also a semi-truck that was being loaded up with food to contribute to the "For The Kids" Foundation, plus a portion of the camp's money raised will be given to Herriman High School.

Joining Rising at the camp were also some of his Utah football teammates, who said it was important to them to be there.

"I saw Cam was having a camp and he was just talking to us in the locker room and he said, 'Come have fun,' so I came out here," said Utah cornerback Tao Johnson. "It's an amazing opportunity to give back to those same kids who are in the stands on Saturdays."

Running back Jaylon Glover added: "Anything for Cam. This is what you live for, you know, coming to the next level you want to give back because I remember when I was in these kids' shoes."

One of the special needs campers, who got to hang with Rising, shared that the support was the best part.

"Oh, this was so fun," they said. "To have all these people come and support you and help you be a part of what they do, it's really the best feeling in the world."

Utah opens its 2024 football season with Rising leading the way on Thursday, August 29, at home against Southern Utah.