Vikings QB Kirk Cousins not worried about catching COVID-19: 'If I die, I die'

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins not worried about catching COVID-19: 'If I die, I die'
Posted at 10:21 AM, Sep 02, 2020

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins says he isn't personally concerned about contracting COVID-19 in the upcoming NFL season.

"If I die, I die," Cousins said in an interview on the "10 Questions With Kyle Brandt" podcast, which was published on Wednesday. "I kind of have peace about that."

Brandt asked Cousins to rank his personal concern about the virus on a scale of 1-10, with one being "the person who says, 'Masks are stupid, you're all a bunch of lemmings,' and 10 is, 'I'm not leaving my master bathroom for the next 10 years.'"

Cousins responded by saying he's a ".000001" on that scale.

"I want to respect what other people's concerns are," Cousins said. "For me personally, just talking no one else can get the virus, what is your concern if you could get it, I would say I'm going to go about my daily life. If I get it, I'm going to ride it out. I'm going to let nature do its course — survival-of-the-fittest kind of an approach. And just say, if it knocks me out, it knocks me out. I'm going to be OK. You know, even if I die. If I die, I die. I kind of have peace about that."

Listen to the conversation below. Discussion about COVID-19 begins at about the 11 minute mark.

Cousins later added while he isn't personally afraid of contracting the virus, he's taking precautions with other people in mind.

"My opinion on wearing a mask is really about being respectful to other people," Cousins said. "It really has nothing to do with my own personal thoughts."

In July, as the NFL and the Player's Association grappled rule and schedule changes amid the pandemic, Cousins was among dozens of NFL players who took to Twitter to with the hashtag #WeWantToPlay.

"Since January, all I've wanted to do is get back on the field and play the game I love, but I also want to protect my family and my teammates. #WeWantToPlay but health and safety has to come first let's not play things by ear, let's be certain," Cousins tweeted.

In his interview with Kyle Brandt, Cousins said he was concerned about the lack of information regarding player safety in the midst of the pandemic — something he says he's still trying to figure out.

"We didn't or don't have information. I think that's what people wanted," Cousins said. "Whatever it's going to be, what the protocols are going to be, whether it's extremely safe, whether there's some risk involved, we would like to know what it is. What are we signing up for?"

The NFL has made several policy changes ahead of the 2020 season to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — the preseason has been canceled, teams traveling parties have been reduced, and all coaches and team staff members are required to wear masks on the field. Players are also routinely tested for the virus, and companies have introduced new pieces of equipment that they say could prevent spread.