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Patriotic community effort in Rose Park restored with Dream Team gift

Posted at 9:01 AM, Jul 03, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — The Rose Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City has a tradition of supporting veterans and high above the community waves a giant flag, welcoming in a patriotic spirit.

"It’s important," explained Marilyn Pearson with the Rose Park Community Council. "It’s important to our neighborhood. It’s important to the Veterans.”

The flagpole is situated right off Interstate 15, greeting visitors and residents who exit on 10th North.

"When you’re coming in from Bountiful and you see that flag flying. It’s an impressive sight," remarked Kevin Parke with the Rose Park Community Council.

Recently, the pole stood barren as the flag was stolen and the hoisting mechanisms were severely damaged.

"Right before Memorial Day, it disappeared, and I said, ‘What the heck?’ Pearson explained. "I was ticked."

Through the years, Pearson and Parke say they have seen the flag stolen time and time again from the community.

As the effort is community-funded, each stolen flag means the council is left looking for thousands of dollars for repair and replacement.

“The fact that so many had given their lives for our freedom and that this was a symbol of our neighborhood. And it was gone," Pearson added.

The FOX 13 News Dream Team got word of the stolen flag and decided to step in, partnering with Colonial Flag to pull off the surprise.

"We are going to donate a new flag and they are going to repair your flagpole for you and have that installed," Lisa Rich with Mountain America Credit Union told Parke and Pearson.

Colonial Flag said it was "honored" to be able to help with the situation and quickly got to work, putting up a new flag and fixing up the flagpole.

"We're excited to able to help and to bring this back to the community," Rich remarked.

A couple of weeks later, Rose Park had a bold, brilliant new flag waving in the wind, ushering in the patriotic spirit into the neighborhood once again.