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'Fill the Pot Ministry' serves up hot meals and hope to Utahns in need

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jul 01, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — More than 300 meals are served on Sundays and even more sack lunches are distributed throughout the week through "Fill the Pot Ministry" in Salt Lake City.

Every Sunday morning, you'll find a long line out the door and along the sidewalk as the nonprofit serves up hot meals and smiles to those in need.

Reverend Jay and Toni Ragsdale go above and beyond serving meals, also trying to provide items like clothing to help the community in downtown Salt Lake City.

It's a big undertaking as they both also work full-time jobs during the week.

“I drive a mixer truck for a Staker Parson and we push about 14 hours a day sometime," explained Jay. “That's the only way we can keep these doors open really is that we take each one of us take a full paycheck out of our pay.”

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need has only grown in Utah for meals, Jay said. Donations and volunteers help fill the gaps at the nonprofit.

“Volunteers are very important, because without the volunteers this place, won't go, you know, we can't do this by ourselves," Jay reflected.

Lisa Dana is one volunteer who frequents Fill the Pot Ministry to help serve meals on Sunday.

“I just love that the community is being served this way and so many people have opportunity to give back," she said.

For the good "Fill the Pot Ministry" has done in the community, they were honored with the Zero Hunger Hero of the Month award by FOX 13 News and Smith's Food and Drug.

"We appreciate all that you do," said FOX 13's Brek Bolton while presenting the award. "You guys are wonderful. We love your spirit. We love your efforts. And again, we want to continue to support you and all that you do so good luck.