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Target just released a new reloadable RedCard that saves you 5% without a bank account

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Posted at 8:30 AM, Dec 07, 2022

If you’re a Target shopper, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of getting the RedCard — but now, there’s a brand-new version that is even easier to sign up for.

The new Target RedCard Reloadable Account still saves you 5% on your purchases, just like the standard RedCard, but you can sign up without a credit check or bank account. The reloadable card lets you add money to the card at Target, but you can spend it anywhere that takes Visa debit cards. That means it essentially acts as a debit card itself, with no bill to pay later.

To sign up, simply head to Target’s website. You must be 18 years old or older and will need to provide your social security number to verify your identity. Once completed, you’ll be an official Target RedCard holder and can begin saving money and getting other benefits.


Along with the 5% savings in the store, at Starbucks locations inside Target and on specialty gift cards, the Reloadable Target RedCard has no annual or monthly fees. It gives you free two-day shipping on most items from, an additional 30 days for returns and exchanges, and other special items and offers.

If you open a reloadable card before Dec. 10, you can also get a coupon for $40 off a purchase of $40 or more, which should give you a pretty good start on holiday shopping. The coupon is valid through Jan. 8, 2023, and will come in the mail, and exclusions apply.

A few features are missing from the reloadable version of the card that the other RedCards have. This includes the ability to pay for your Target purchases directly from your existing checking account, which you get with the RedCard debit card. You also will not earn 2% on dining and gas purchases or 1% everywhere else outside of Target, as you would with the credit card. You’ll have to choose which card works best for your needs.


This shopping season  is a great time to open a reloadable Target RedCard account, so get to it!

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