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3 Book recommendations for Father's Day

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 14:49:22-04

Father's Day is Sunday, June 21 and what better gift to give dad than a great book?

Melissa Dalton Martinez, Host and Book Reviewer for The Book Break, joined us with three gift book recommendations for Father's Day.

Her first recommendation is for the dad who enjoys reading spiritual, inspiring books. It's 'What the Single Eye Sees: Faith, Hope, Charity and the Pursuit of Discipleship' by author Joseph Q. Jarvis. Melissa says especially during these days of uncertainty and challenges, many fathers are finding themselves searching for additional ways to remain hopeful, and how they can keep themselves, and their families in good spirits. She says 'What the Single Eye Sees' does just that. It's a combination of spiritual quotes, insights, stories, and scriptures, that are sure to keep Dad feeling inspired.

Her second gift book recommendation is for any dad who likes to read unique stories, and especially for those who like to do genealogy. It's called 'The Milkman's Son' by Randy Lindsay. 'The Milkman's Son' is the author's true story about how in his 50's he uncovered shocking family secrets, all because his dad asked him to organize some family history information from old documents he found. Melissa says, 'Today there's a growing fascination sweeping across the world of people looking into where their family lines come from. There's also a ton of online resources and private DNA testing companies to help with this research. The author, Randy Lindsay, got stuck in his research and turned to some of these companies for help." And that's just the beginning of his story. Dads will definitely find themselves engrossed in 'The Milkman's Son'.

The third and final book is for the dad or grandparent that has a loved one struggling with addiction. The book is called 'Unhooked: How to Help An Addicted Loved One Recover' by Jason Coombs. Sadly, in today's world there are more and more people getting addicted to prescription drugs, alcohol or other substances. And with COVID-19, the rate of addiction has gone up and many folks are finding themselves in a place where they find out someone has an addiction and they want to help, but just don't know what to do. 'Unhooked' is a wonderful resource for them. The author, Jason Coombs, was an addict and when he got clean and sober and completely cleaned up his life, he worked with his parents and addiction recovery professionals to put together this helpful resource.

Melissa says one of the great things about all three books is that they come in ebook format as well as paperback. So digital copies will for sure be able to get there in time for Father's Day.

In addition, The Book Break will be giving away one copy of each of these books for free on and you can choose between a digital copy or a physical copy. Winners will be chosen and notified in the morning on Wednesday, June 17.

Go to to enter to win the contest and to learn more about each of these books. All of these books are also available to purchase online, at retailers like Amazon, Deseret Book, and Barnes & noble.