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3 Essential Oils that encourage a productive workspace at home

Posted at 1:34 PM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 15:34:31-04

Many people have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic and will for the foreseeable future.

The 1,200 Young Living employees who work at the company headquarters in Utah have been working from home since March and will continue to work from home until the end of the year for now.

Young Living has been helping employees work from home through programs like providing essential equipment, virtual fitness classes for employees and their families and even providing online resources with homework help for kids.

Haley Jensen, with Young Living, knows that when at home, you deal with different distractions and stress, but she says, overall, Young Living has seen an increase in productivity since working from home. Their IT teams have seen a 25 percent increase, and the sales team has seen a 13 percent increase.

So what's their secret? Jensen has some tips for all of us to increase productivity while working from home.

Young Living has several essential oils and blends that help encourage a productive work space. In your home office, she recommends the following oils:

Brain Power
Brain Power™ is a blend of essential oils high in sesquiterpenes—including Sacred Sandalwood™, Blue Cypress, and Frankincense—to promote a sense of clarity and focus.
The powerful aromas of Roman Chamomile, Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang and Lavender in this blend may promote feelings of action and accomplishment when you diffuse it. You can also apply Motivation™ to your wrists and the bottoms of your feet to help you work towards your goals.
Citrus Fresh
Citrus Fresh helps to give you an invigorating and uplifting boost with its citrus notes and little hint of spearmint. Diffusing this oil will infuse creativity and positivity in any work environment.

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