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3 Ways to create screen-free time your kids will be begging for more of

Posted at 1:48 PM, Jan 14, 2021

Jared Hurst and Briana Johnson-Hurst were married on a rooftop downtown at the beginning of COVID and wanted to create intentional family time to strengthen bonds for their blended family of seven kids.

They found their kids and themselves on their screens more and wanted to enjoy some screen-free time together.

They found that these three ways will create some screen-free time with your family that your kids will beg for!

1. Take something they love on their screen and bring it to life. The Hursts took an app their kids were crazy about called "Among Us", and made it a game in real life. Their Instagram reel has hit 9.3 million views!

2. Hit the outdoors. The Hursts recommend some Frisbee golf and intertubing at Woodpard Park City. The family went fishing together at Daybreak and Pineview and played in the pool at Surf N Swim in Layton. They also love ice skating as a family outing.

3. Turn a family interest into a game or competition. The Hursts play a music game similar to "Name That Tune". They also love to do their own version of "Cutthroat Kitchen" and have blind taste tests.

They say as parents, make sure you are taking care of you too! Fill your mind with things that will uplift and give you a sense of connection.

Briana's podcast The LifeBeats Project reminds us all of something that is especially important during this time of our country - we are more alike than we are different and there is power in the sharing of our experiences and in daring to see and be the light in our world!

You can find more at and on social media @lifebeatsproject.