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4 tips for dating during a pandemic

Posted at 1:42 PM, Oct 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-01 15:42:32-04

Finding love for singles right now seems like an impossible idea with the pandemic. But it's not impossible; there are just some specific, new rules. Certified Relationship Coach Val Baldwin, CPC, shared the following tips for helping singles navigate the dating world:

1. UTILIZE YOUR DATING APPS. If you've been ignoring your dating apps, it's time to spend some time on them. In fact dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Mutual have gone way up in activity since the lock-down. People want to feel connected, pursue their quest to find love, and meeting new people on dating apps lets you do this. Yes, it does take a lot of screening to find the right people you want to invest your time in, but it's an ideal resource right now. Statistics show that 40% of all people in committed relationships in the last 3 years met online, so it definitely can be worth the effort.

2. IDENTIFY WHAT YOU'RE SEEKING IN A PARTNER. This advice applies in and outside of a pandemic, but I'm including this since it may be easier to lose sight of what you're seeking in a long-term partner during this chaos. If you haven't already, define five to seven non-negotiables you're seeking in a partner. Knowing what you are looking for helps you recognize it fast. That means you won't be leading someone on or wasting your time or theirs if they're not a fit for you.

3. VIRTUAL DATES IS THE PERFECT NEXT STEP. If you're feeling a good connection with someone through texting, then move onto virtual chats. It's safe and you can easily do this through Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Doing so makes a world of difference in your ability to really connect. You'll soon see if there's any potential connection and chemistry between you. After your first couple of virtual dates where you're simply talking to get to know each other, get creative and watch a movie together via Netflix Party, or a similar service. Or find a virtual escape room, read a book together, or cook a dish together neither of you have made before by propping up your phone and connecting to FaceTime in the kitchen to cook "side by side".

4. GO ON A SOCIALLY DISTANCED DATE. If you've had some promising virtual dates and you both feel right about meeting in person, here's what you can do. The basic pandemic rules still apply. Masks are still advised, have consistent hand-washing and keep your 6 ft distance. Your date could be each getting your own takeout and meeting at a public park for a picnic, playing tennis, hit the driving range, go biking together, or meet at a restaurant that has outdoor patio seating set up for proper social distancing.

Summing things up, Val concludes, "While this might feel like an odd time to develop a relationship with someone, it's a great opportunity to build a stronger emotional foundation first with a potential partner. Take advantage of this time to really get to know your new partner – and what you both want and need. Keep up your patience and persistence in finding true love and hopefully we will see the end of this pandemic in the very near future."

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