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5 Toys kids will love opening on Christmas morning

Posted at 1:35 PM, Dec 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 15:35:49-05

If you're like many parents or grandparents, you want to give toys to your children that will mean hours and hours of imagination and play time.

Jennifer Lynch, a Toy Trends Specialist with The Toy Association, joined us with five toys that kids will love to play with.

VTech Sparkling Friends
Ages 4+ $14.99 each
This is a line of six collectible toys that brings magical color play to life. They feature unique fantastical characters such as unicorns, foxes, a peacock and dragon, and they talk, sing, light up and change colors with a touch. You can choose a color on the Sparkling Friends'
necklaces and then touch four different locations to change them to that color. Or press their
action button to see their wings flap and tail feathers wag as they create a light show. Each friend responds with more than 100 fun, magical responses that highlight their personalities.

My First Model Y, Radio Flyer
Ages 18 months – 4 $99.99
The My First Model Y is Radio Flyer's newest ride-on for kids 43 pounds and under! It was developed in partnership with the Tesla Design Studio, and the MyFirst Model Y delivers the superior Tesla experience for the littlest drivers and is an authentic kid-sized version of the Tesla Model Y. It comes equipped with working steering, an ergonomic seat, and a honking horn.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Talking Thomas & Percy Train Set, Mattel
Ages 3+ $49.99
This highly detailed playset features favorite places from the island of Sodor, including the Vicarstown Bridge, the Railyard, the Brendam docks, and Blue Mountain. It also includes motorized Thomas and Percy train engines who recognize and talk to each other when they
meet on the track. Young conductors can help Thomas and Percy work together by dropping boulders down in the Blue Mountain cave for them to load and unload along with other cargo at Bulstrode the boat and by creating their own exciting adventures all around Sodor.

BriteBrush Game Brush, WowWee
Ages 5+ $19-99-24.99
This smart toothbrush for kids turns brushing your teeth into gameplay. It features smart brushing sensors, side change recognition, haptic feedback, and a parent check light to provides live feedback to encourage full mouth coverage. As kids brush, they can play engaging games and earn star rewards. There are seven fun games including arcade, space attack, soccer pinball, dance star, punch master, race car rally, and rockstar jam!
Also available in BriteBrush™ Pinkfong Baby Shark version for ages 3+, with parental assistance

Rainbow, Animal-Print & Watermelon Mini Purses, GoldieBlox
Ages 10+ $24.99
This new line of constructable mini purses can be deconstructed and rebuilt into different accessories. For example: A happy rainbow mini purse and matching bracelet can be deconstructed and rebuilt as a pencil holder or cute unicorn collectible. While a functional watermelon purse transforms into a picture frame, flower crown and an ornament.

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