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7 Things you can do to get your air conditioning ready for the summer season ahead

Posted at 1:56 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 12:21:07-04

Any Hour Servicesis known for helping homeowners learn about their electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems.

Mike Wilson from Any Hour Services joined us with seven things you can do to get your air conditioning ready for the summer season ahead.

First, he says go outside to your air conditioning unit and clear any clutter around it. The most important thing is for the air to be able to flow. Uncover the unit if you covered it for the winter, if you have bushes growing, trim them back at least 18-24 inches and remove any items that may have been stored against it over the winter.

Second, rinse the coils with water. Mike explained that the coils are a lot like a filter, they get clogged up with grass, cottonwoods and dirt. Take your garden hose with regular pressure and spray from the inside out. When you see the water coming out is clear, you know you're good.

Third, check for exposed electrical wires and insulation. You'll see a plastic tube with the electrical connection. Sometimes the elements can cause it to decay. If you see that happening Mike says don't mess with it yourself, call someone for that. You'll also see the refrigerant line, usually with black foam insulation around it. If that's missing a technician should put more insulation on that.

Fourth, head inside to check the furnace's air filters. Take the filter out, hold it into the light. If you can't see light through it, it's time to change it.

Fifth, if you have a whole home humidifier, shut it off. In the winter the air is dry so you introduce humidity. But, Mike says in the summer the coil on top of your air conditioner creates condensation, and you don't want more moisture than that.

Sixth, check for clogs. By your furnace there's going to be a white PVC tube coming off it that is a drain line for condensation. Make sure that's not clogged because that can leak in the furnace or cause a flood on your floor. Mike recommends taking a cup of water and pouring it down the tube. If it's not clear, take a shop vac and clear it.

Seventh, check the thermostat and if you have batteries, replace them. At this time of year, you could be using both heat and air, so Mike recommends putting the thermostat in auto mode, so it will automatically transfer back and forth based on temperature.

Mike says regular maintenance from your A/C dealer can help you extend the life of your unit. And, there are some things that only a trained technician should do.

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