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A little Utah girl helps design a new kids capsule collection at Zulily

Posted at 2:08 PM, Jan 13, 2022

Lately shopping has become a little more challenging, with supply chains still under strain and inflation at a 30-year high. So, as we plan our purchases for 2022, lifestyle expert Kathy Buccio, who loves to shop and discover great finds for her own family, shared insider tips to beat the rush, maximize savings, and score the best deals year-round.

Kathy highly recommends Zulily, an online retailer that helps shoppers discover deals on thousands of fresh, unique styles for themselves, their families and their homes, all at prices up to 97 percent lower than any other online retailers.

To help make shopping in 2022 a bit easier, Kathy says Zulily has just released its new Best Time to Shop Report.

It pinpoints when moms should shop to beat the rush, maximize their savings, and score the best deals.

To find out what's driving moms across the country to shop, Zulily conducted a poll of one thousand moms for further insights on all things top of mind and trend setting.

Kathy says it's clear that beauty products are helping moms feel their best, as 58 percent of those surveyed say they buy beauty products because they are a small, low-cost way to give themselves an emotional boost.

She recommends stocking up on mood-boosting beauty items in February before sales spike in March. Some of those items include brow grooming from Brow Bar by Reema, and makeup like a highlighter stick, balm and blush from Girlactik. Nail wraps from So Gloss are a great way to get a fresh look on a budget. Zulily also has must-have beauty tools like the Charcoal & Rose Gold 2-in-1 Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush from Almost Famous.

Zulily found moms are shopping two seasons ahead of summer. Data shows this may be their way of experiencing summer vacation vibes and mindsets from home. While most summer styles typically go on sale at the end of the season at brick-and-mortar retailers, on Zulily in March you can find sales on items like sunglasses and Sunshine Yoga Spree Flip-Flops from Sanuk, sandals and slides from Sorel, cozy faux fur slides from Koolabura, swimsuit coverups, and one-piece swimsuits and tankinis from Zesica.

Shopping for summer and vacation essentials in February may also be due to moms prepping for kiddos' spring break, as parents are helping kids "glow up" their wardrobes while gloomy weather looms since 79 percent of kids say that unique style impacts their feelings by increasing happiness and confidence.

This month Zulily is launching a new kids capsule collection designed by kids for kids just in time for moms to prep for kiddo's spring break! One of the winners of the Back to School capsule collection is from Utah! Mady is from Provo and was one of six winners chosen to win a $6K back-to-school prize package. She also helped design the kids' capsule.

Zulily's Best Time to Shop Report shows moms should start thinking about spring a bit early and start shopping for things like succulents and indoor florals as early as February.

But it's not just about spring fever. Zulily survey data shows décor is a form of self-care and brings moms more joy than things like a beauty ritual such as a face mask or drinking their morning coffee. In fact, 67 percent of moms say they decorate their home for every single season.

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