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A lot of times rendezvous are a secret, a tryst, tête-à-tête, or a timed meet up, not this one!

Posted at 1:55 PM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 15:55:22-04

As Budah says, usually you want to keep rendezvous a secret. Think: a tryst, tête-à-tête, or a timed meet up.

But not this Rendezvous... they want everyone to come here!

Rendezvous is a new discount store in Clinton, Utah that has partnered with a handful of local companies including DownEast, Hope Ave. and Malouf as well as others.

They get a lot of excess inventory, or returns from customers who changed their mind about something.

For instance, a DownEast sectional that was originally $6000.00, you can buy at Rendezvous for $2,900.

And, last season's jewelry from Hope Ave. is a steal -- just $4!

Speaking of fashion, they carry clothes as well, and you can get just about anything from jeans to dresses and even some shoes for $12 or less.

Malouf is one of the largest sellers of memory foam mattresses, and yes you can get them (brand new) for $200 at Rendezvous.

In fact everything at Rendezvous is new and affordable and new inventory comes in every week so you'll want to check back every week.

Rendezvous is at 1978 North 2000 West, Ste C in Clinton, just west of Hill Air Force Base.

Check out their Instagram @renzesvous.discounts for more information.