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A "Rom Com" Queen Returns to the Screen and a "Sundance" Movie Heads to Theaters

At the Movies
Posted at 1:17 PM, Nov 03, 2023

New and streaming on Netflix is the biographical drama "NYAD," which focuses on swimming athlete Diana Nyad. Three decades after giving up marathon swimming, at the age of 60, Diana Nyad became obsessed with completing the 110 mile trek from Cuba to Florida. Tony says, "NYAD is a beautifully told and acted biopic that takes the audience into the world of competitive swimming and the risks of long-distance endurance." He gives it a "B" and it's rated PG-13.

In selected theaters is "Radical" which won the Festival Favorite Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival. A teacher in a Mexican border town full of neglect, corruption, and violence, tries a radical new method to unlock his students' curiosity, potential - and maybe even their genius. Tony says, "Based on true events, "Radical" is an inspirational teacher story that takes you into the world of both teachers and students in a very corrupt society and how one teacher's frustration pushes him to do more." He gives it a "B" and it's rated PG-13.

Also in selected theaters Meg Ryan directs and stars with David Duchovny in the new romcom "What Happens Later." Two ex-lovers get snowed in at a regional airport overnight and begin to unpack the riddle of their mutual past and the dreams they once shared. I chatted with the film's stars. Tony says, "What Happens Later is a beautifully acted, rich and rewarding dramedy well worth your time to see." He gives it an "A" and it's rated R.

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