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All it takes is a credit card and helmet before you can zip around downtown. But what if that scooter ride doesn't end so well?

Posted at 1:34 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 15:35:00-04

If you've spent any time downtown recently, you've seen those rentable electric scooters.

All it takes is a credit card and a helmet and you can skip around town.

But Personal Injury Attorney Craig Swapp says any time you've got a transportation platform where anyone can hop on and drive them around, there are some inherent dangers.

One of those is people riding on sidewalks. The scooters are designed to be ridden like bicycles, on city streets, but Swapp says in Salt Lake City people frequently use them on sidewalks, posing a risk to themselves and pedestrians. And, he says it's illegal.

Swapp says another potential danger is that the rental agreements of the companies like Lyme and Bird explain that the rider of the scooter is solely responsible for any injuries or damages caused while riding the scooter.

The smart thing to do if you're planning on using these electric scooters is to call your insurance provider and ask them about their coverage.

Also, Swapp reminds riders to follow all traffic rules as if you were riding a bicycle, including yielding to pedestrians.

Bring your own helmet too.

If you do need help with a scooter accident or injury, call Craig Swapp and Associates at 1-800-404-9000 or visit