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Are you a weekend warrior? It could mean you are at risk of getting hurt.

Posted at 1:36 PM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 13:45:21-04

Are you a weekend warrior? Especially after a year of being cooped up at home, many Utahns are getting out and enjoying the outdoors every chance they get.

But, that is causing more injuries and more emergency room visits. But, in some cases you can skip the E.R. and get same-day treatment for those breaks and sprains.

We talked with doctors from Peak Orthopaedics at Lone Peak Hospital, who say this year especially, they're seeing an increase in injuries from people trying new recreation activities and new sports.

But Orthopedic Surgeon Traske Muir, MD, says there are also new treatments for those injuries.

"Now this is exciting. This is the one place where in my career I've seen huge advancements in medicine and in technology. The traditional way of treating an Achilles rupture is a huge surgery. It's a ten inch incision, two months before you can walk. I use a technique now where we can do it minimally invasively. I can get Achilles ruptures walking in two weeks. It's exciting seeing patients doing so well, getting back to sports so quickly," he says.

Dr. Muir treats all kinds of sprains too from people hiking, mountain biking, climbing and even from playing pickleball.

So, when do you know it's an injury you shouldn't "just walk off"? Dr. Muir says, "It's those times when you can't put weight on it. If you can't stand on that ankle you should probably be seen."

Hand and wrist injuries are also very common for people who are active outside. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Mackey says, "The majority of these injuries are accidental, unavoidable. Certainly people pushing the limits on the trails can put them at risk... jumps and things like that. But generally most of these injuries are unavoidable."

Treatment options for hand and risk injuries go anywhere from rest, ice compression and elevation at home to immobilization and different surgical interventions.

Peak Orthopaedics at Lone Peak Hospital will get you in to see a specialist same day or within one business day. They have in-clinic x-ray and diagnostic testing to be diagnosed quicker and get you on the road to recovery more quickly.

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