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AutoPros: Brian Champagne checks out the Volkswagen Tiguan

Posted at 2:11 PM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 16:11:49-04

FOX 13 is teaming up with Stong Volkswagen to check out some of the hottest new cars on the road.

Got some errands to run? Consider the Volkswagen Tiguan. FOX's 13's 'Cool Car Guy' Brian Champagne checked out the 2021 Tiguan SE R Line Black from Strong.

R Line is just the wheels, bumper, belly skirt, badging, if you will, special wheels, you know that kind of stuff.

Tiguan is a combination of tiger and iguana, and the ride’s a combination of car and SUV as it shares its platform with the VW Jetta.

You get one engine choice, a 4-cylinder turbo

Power is a decent 184 horsepower, and with eight gears it should be able to get the ratio just right to scoot you around while getting 25 miles per gallon combined.

It shuts off at red lights to save gas for city errand and fires up fast when you take your foot off the brake. You can also turn that feature off if you prefer.

Tech upgrades are new this year, but they kept my favorite. When you’re on satellite radio, it will show you what’s playing on the other channels without switching over. If you have, say, a teenage daughter who likes to scout around and see what else is playing, it really gives you harmony.

I liked the SE trim level. Power seat for driver, and passenger gets the ratchet that gets the seat just right. Few other companies have this feature that opens up more position options.

"That’s what makes car companies unique, and that’s why people glom onto them; it’s because of their idiosyncrasies, their cool little things they throw on the car that not all the other car companies have," says Matt Hansen, with Strong Volkswagen.

The new Tiguan got bigger, and there’s a third row option. Our loaner stuck with seating for five and 37.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Double that seats down.

But we didn’t need all that for our errand. We needed easy parking. After a critical errand involving upscale cheese and chocolate, the cross-traffic alert and camera let me not back into trouble. And return the Tiguan just we found it.

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