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Christmas is just around the corner, and these books are the perfect pick for any last-minute gifts

Posted at 1:34 PM, Dec 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 15:34:32-05

Christmas is just around the corner, and these three books are the perfect pick for any last-minute gifts.

Melissa Dalton Martinez, Host & Book Reviewer for The Book Break, joined us to tell us more about each book.

Her first recommendation is "Live Life Deliciously with Tara Teaspoon: Recipes for Busy Weekdays and Leisurely Weekends" by Tara Teaspoon. Melissa says, "If you're like me, the holidays are synonymous with cooking, but I don't always have time for the grand four-course spread!" She says this book hits both sides of the spectrum and helps readers cook for any occasion. The author, Tara Teaspoon, is a former food editor, trained chef, and she was even a food stylist for Martha Stewart. "Live Life Deliciously" is her first recipe book and she really hits the ground running. There are more than 120 recipes in this book. This book makes a perfect gift for any cooks in your life, or anyone who wants to add more flair to their dishes as a new year's resolution. Tara Teaspoon is also having a live event on December 17, 2020. Click here for more information.

Melissa's second recommendation is "Demon in Business Class" by Anthony Dobranski. She says this book is a little different and unique from other recommendations she's given. This book is for the adults out there who like a paranormal fantasy with a steamy romance woven in. Author Anthony Dobranski's debut novel, "The Demon in Business Class," follows a woman named Zerabeth who is partnered with an actual demon to start the next global war, but then she meets Gabriel, who uses his psychic powers to oppose evil. The story weaves exciting elements of paranormal fantasy with a battle of a contemporary witch, and a man who works for a company founded on the idea of stopping evil. The biggest challenge Zarabeth and Gabriel face, happens when they end up meeting each other by chance in Europe, and then find themselves in a steamy romance with their "enemy." They should be enemies, but they can't stop themselves from being lovers. He's repulsed by her demon, and she's repelled by his angelic affiliations, and both their corporate bosses are enraged by their romance.

The third recommendation is "Ming's Christmas" by Susan L. Gong, and illustrated by Masahiro Tateishi. Melissa says this book is for everyone in the family. She says, "This book shows what Christmas is like for a girl that doesn't feel like she fits in. Her parents are immigrants from China, and she feels caught between not being American enough for her classmates and not being Chinese enough for her parents." The book is full of absolutely gorgeous illustrations that match the warm tone of the book really well.

If you'd like to win any one of these books for free, there's a giveaway contest on And, just for entering the contest, The Book Break will be giving everyone a free eBook of a short Christmas story. Winners of the contest will be notified Friday, December 11, 2020.