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Deals to help celebrate "Mario Day" from Zulily

Zulily Deals for Mario Day
Posted at 1:45 PM, Mar 14, 2023

When you think about video games, one of the first characters that comes to mind is Mario.

Iconic games like Super Mario Bros tend to hold a lot of nostalgia for parents, and now they’re able to pass along the fun to their kids.

Mario fans of all ages are celebrating Mario Day, which takes place on March 10th each year.

Zulily’s toy expert Joe Glass joined us with some great deals on all things Mario.

Everyone loves Mario! This Princess Saving Plumber has been super jumping into our hearts for over 40 years.

National Mario Day is celebrated by fans each year on March 10th since the date written as “M.A.R. 10” looks like the name Mario.

This Mario Day is especially exciting as it precedes the premier of The Super Mario Bros. Movie on April 7.

Zulily has some great gear for Mario fans to celebrate Mario Day and beyond including t-shirts for less than $15, toys, accessories, and home décor.

Check it out at Zulily .com