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Do your kids constantly leave their stuff at school? This is a creative way to cut down on loss.

Posted at 1:54 PM, Aug 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 16:02:14-04

Sewing and crafting blogger Monica Alters says she was looking for a quick way to personalize back-to-school items. She says, "Self expression is such a fun way for kids to get excited about going back to school."

She says being creative sparks inspiration and letting kids choose their own designs motivates and helps them feel empowered and adds a little something special to the ordinary back-to-school items.

Plus, they'll take ownership of their stuff and will be less likely to leave them behind or at a friend's house.

Monica showed us things that she's helped her kids make including shirts, backpacks, lunch boxes, and even bike helmets as well as hand sanitizer.

She says using a Cricut machine cuts down on time and lasts longer than writing with a Sharpie.

Monica also says her kids love taking their teachers back-to-school gifts and having them personalized is a fun way for the kids to be involved.

She says, "Every year the teachers tell me they love the handmade items. While my kids can't sew the item personally, they are involved in picking out the fabric, font and colors of vinyl we use to add the teacher's name."

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