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Donuts can teach your kids lessons about life

This donut critic has turned into a children's book author
Posted at 1:55 PM, Sep 15, 2022

Benjamin Lee aka The Donut Critic is now a children's book author.

He says, "My love for donuts and reading to my kids intersected with this fun book project with my mother as well."

His books center around donuts, but they teach valuable life lessons to kids.

The first one is "It's the Dough Inside that Matters." It's a story about a glazed that is unsure of himself because he is so plain. He sees all his other donut friends with bright and amazing features. He finds out that he is chosen to represent the donut shop top donut because he has good dough inside. So, try to be the best person possible and worry less about things on the outside.

The next book, "Sprinkled with Kindness," is about the sprinkled donut of the shop getting all of her colorful sprinkles on everyone's glaze. The rest of the donuts are rude to her but then they are taught the "Golden Brown Rule" - specifically, that they should treat others how we want to be treated. They then put a sprinkle on themselves to show their friend acceptance and support. The next customer that comes in buys them all because they're all mixed and sprinkled. Sprinkle someone with kindness today!

Benjamin and his mom have book number three coming out in October called "Sweetest Dreams".

You can find both books on Amazon. Click here to buy a copy of "Sprinkled with Kindness"and click here to buy a copy of "It's the Dough Inside that Matters".

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