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Explorer Corps and The Race to all Utah's 29 Counties

The Race to 29: Wasatch County and Cascade Springs
Posted at 2:44 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 17:07:39-04

It’s the ongoing scavenger hunt that we love to talk about. The Natural History Museum of Utah wants you to join their Explorer Corps and discover all 29 of their historical markers around Utah, one for each county.

Wasatch County is loved by many, but you would be hard pressed to find a bigger fan than Tracy See, the Manager of the Wasatch Mountain State Park.

“Wasatch is a phenomenal county,” she says. “It has such a diversity of different things that you can do if you love to be in the outdoors and recreate. Everything from the golf, the mountain biking, the road biking, hiking, the water sports on the reservoirs right here between Jordanelle and Deer Creek, it's just phenomenal.”

It’s no wonder that she is excited about their historical marker and the Explorer Corps getting to well... explore the area, because in Wasatch County, this marker, really just marks the start of the adventure.

From the marker’s location, just a few short minutes up a newly paved roadway, you’ll find yourself nestled in the natural history geology site and mountain oasis known as Cascade Springs.

“The reason that they've highlighted Cascade Springs is because the phenomenon of the springs all coming together in one central location bubbling up from the ground, bringing about 7 million gallons of water up and draining down into the Deer Creek Reservoir. So this is your drinking water on the Wasatch Front this goes to Provo and it feeds through the Wasatch system. It's a great place to come in hike, the springs help to cool it off, the vegetation here is lush so it makes it a really nice environment to hike through, it has boardwalk system paved trails for wheelchair accessibility, and it has several different loops and it takes about 45 minutes to continue to do all the loops that go through the entire springs. It's a great place to get away.”

The Explorer Corps and all the historical markers are a great way to see Utah's 29 counties.

If you would like to join in the Explorer Corps and the Race to 29, log on to