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Find a new job with the Utah Department of Workforce Services

Posted at 7:21 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 21:22:09-04

September is Workforce Development Month! With many Utah businesses struggling to find employees and many workers looking to make a change, now is the perfect time to talk with the Department of Workforce Services about workforce development.

Emily Rosh, Program Specialist, Workforce Service told us that they want to connect with Utahns who are looking to improve their careers, change jobs or reenter the workforce following the pandemic.

There are many options to take the next step on your career pathway or start a career path that could lead to your dream job and potentially higher wages.

Re-training does not need to be a full-time school commitment. You can still work full time and participate in different training styles, including online, in person or on-the-job training.

There is short-term training for occupational certificates or licenses for careers like…cybersecurity, software development, pharmacy technician, diesel mechanic, medical assistant.

On-the-job training provides training directly from the employer. Usually, it involves hands-on learning with any employer in any industry who is willing and interested. Examples are as varied as industries, from the Medical field to Insurance, Web Specialists to Child Care and many others.

An apprenticeship provides both classroom learning and hands-on experience in the field. And, you get paid to do so.

Plus, many tech and higher education schools have implemented new programs to make their classes more accessible, expand online options and increase flexibility for students.

If you want a change but are worried about the cost, there may be financial assistance available.

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