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For the latest in spring fashions, City Creek Center has something for everyone

Posted at 1:34 PM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 15:34:10-04

City Creek Center is open for shopping and dining!

Jenny stopped by to check out the latest in spring fashions from Banana Republic.

Morgan Michel from Banana Republic says the new clothing is inspired by the brighter days ahead.

Linen is one of the favorites this year because it's a light fabric for an effortlessly luxurious look. You'll see dresses, tanks, tees, pants, shorts, and men's linen shirting coming out this summer. Jenny was dressed in a men's shirt (so you can buy one for your husband or boyfriend and raid his closet).

Banana Republic is excited to usher in spring with lots of amazing color from brights to more muted pastels. Michel says they're loving grounding pops of bright color with light airy neutrals to keep the look elevated.

You'll see a bigger focus on sustainable fabrics at Banana Republic because they care about the impact they leave on the planet just as much as your style! Fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, lyocell, and linen are all-natural fabrics that are not only easier on the planet, but perfect and breathable for summer weather! Banana Republic is also incorporating dyeing practices that use less water and even some recycled fabrications as well.

FOX 13 and City Creek Center have partnered for the Spring Fling contest! Enter to win a $100 Gift Card to Nordstrom and a $100 gift card to use at any City Creek Center shop. A perfect way to update your wardrobe for Spring, get Mom a special gift, or Dine in and shop! See details at

City Creek Center is OPEN Monday through Saturday from 11am - 7pm. Individual store hours may vary, so visit for additional information.