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Four ways to fight that working-from-home burnout you may be experiencing

Posted at 1:29 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 15:29:19-05

If you're feeling a little burned out after a year of working at home, you're not alone.

Licensed Professional Counselor Kelly Houseman joined us to offer some advice.

First, she says it's easy to not stop working at the end of the day because your computer is in your house and your commute has disappeared. Kelly says shut off your laptop at the end of the workday and only check emails after work if it's absolutely necessary or else you'll feel obligated to work 24/7. She says it's important to get present with your partner, children, pet or a hobby that is not work related. Decompression time is vital!

Second, do what you can and tell yourself good enough is good enough. Don't ignore deadlines or projects but giving yourself permission to be a human-we're balancing many roles and unprecedented changes these days.

Third, Kelly says it's important to continue your work routines: Get dressed/ready every day like you're going to the office. This is a game and mood changer and puts you into work mode (even if its only from the waist down) and make your office space fun and unique. Even if it's in your bedroom. Still hang those certificates and family pictures like you would if you were back at your old desk.

Fourth, remember to accept that background noise and technology glitches just happen (to everyone) give yourself some grace and laugh.

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