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From live entertainment to outdoor activities, there's a lot to do in Utah right now

Posted at 1:40 PM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 15:40:48-04

If you're going a little stir crazy staying at home, you're not alone.

But there is a lot to do, thanks to our friends at

We talked with Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Executive Director of the Utah Cultural Alliance Foundation, who says the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to the art and entertainment industry in Utah.

She says to date the industry has lost $55 million dollars and at least 32,000 jobs, that's about one-third of the jobs in the state in the industry.

But Crystal says thanks to the Utah State Legislature and Salt Lake County, you can "culture your way". There is a lot to do at every comfort level that makes sense to you: virtual, drive-through or traditional indoor experiences.

Crystal gave us a few options of things happening right now and in the near future. Ballet West is performing The Nutcracker. The Utah Symphony is performing almost every weekend. You can catch a show at Wiseguys Comedy Clubs. Museums like the Natural History Museum, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, Southern Utah Museum and more are all open! You can also see a movie in Utah right now too.

And, you can find everything in one place. Go to and click on "Open Now" for live events or click on "Virtual" for things you can do from your own home.