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Going on a road trip? Instead of taking screens for your kids, here are some creative ideas

Posted at 1:28 PM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-14 15:28:18-04

Emily Blodgett, Bus Stop Mama, says, "We grew up without electronics in the car- our entertainment was staring out the window finding shapes in the clouds and thinking about what life would be like in the towns we passed. We were bored and creative."

So, she came up with some road trip fun for her family and she's sharing her ideas with us!

1. Back of the Seat Organizer
Water Bottle
Neck Support
2. Clipboard with storage
• Blank paper or art pad
License Plate Game
• Dry erase marker
• Mechanical pencils
• Colored pencils

For the first hour (adjust as necessary depending on the length of your trip) settle in, color, read books, etc.
At a set time, watch a movie. Set the expectations up from the beginning so they can check the schedule and answer their own questions.

Have a blank laminated sheet Estimated time until ____ Let the kids fill this in. It not only keeps them entertained, it gives them a responsibility

3. Gift bag with small gifts and snacks in it
• After the first rest stop
• When they complete the alphabet game
• Mile marker ___ or when you pass a random city (make it fun!)
• When you've had enough (make a bag for yourself complete with ear plugs!)
• If it's a multi-day trip, do the same things in the car each day. You don't have to reinvent the wheel!

4. Inside the bag
• Water bottle stickers
• Figit toys
• Lego infinity cube
• magnet games
• Pipe cleaners
• Ear muffs/ ear plugs
• Headphones
• Magnet paper doll
• Minifig
• snacks
Money to buy a gift/treat for their secret person
Foot rest (luggage)
Draw on windows with dry erase marker
Alphabet game
Word/ song game (2 teams- pick a word and each team takes turns thinking of song lyrics with that word in it)

You can find these products by clicking here. And follow her @BusStopMama.