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Here's a get-real guide for getting the life you want

Posted at 1:43 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 15:43:19-04

Arthur F. Coombs III is the best-selling author of three motivational books. His newest, Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want is on sale for the first time this week.

"The hard-easy philosophy is very much about helping people gain control of their lives, no matter what their situation is. Especially in today's environment, it is important for people to know there is still a lot they can do," says Coombs.

He says "hard easy" has always been a philosophy of his, but he didn't know how universal it was until he was on a cattle drive learning to work with a new horse. He tells the whole story of the cattle drive in the preface of "Hard Easy".

Coombs also talked about how our new normal, in quarantine, relates to "Hard Easy". He says, "It is hard to stay quarantined. It is hard to maintain social distancing. Humans crave connections, celebrations, and togetherness. Yet, if we are not willing to live hard now, we will have to live much much harder down the road. When it comes to the global pandemic, we are all experiencing, we can choose to live hard now for easy later, or we can choose easy now and live hard later. "

Once you learn how to recognize and apply the law of living "Hard Easy" as opposed to "Easy Hard", you will find that life will be more comfortable with less anxiety and more control and peace.

"Hard Easy" is available anywhere books are sold online.

Right now Coombs is giving away eBooks, paperbacks and audio books on his website::