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Here's a recipe to try tonight by The Salsa Queen

Posted at 1:44 PM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 15:44:20-04

You may be spending more time in your kitchen right now.

This is a recipe that will spice up your next meal, courtesy of The Salsa Queen.

12 big shrimp peel and de-vein
4 tbsp of Salsa
Queen Queso Chipotle
4 tbsp of Salsa Queen red chili salsa
4 corn tortillas
1 cup cheese (your favorite)
2tbsp butter
2 tbsp olive oil

In a hot skillet melt the butter and oil together place the shrimp and add the Queso Chipotle and Red Chili.
Cook for a few minutes until shrimp is cooked all the way.
In a different skillet with a bit of oil cook the corn tortillas till soft.
Add the shrimp and some of the cheese till meted... repeat with the rest of the tortillas.
Serve immediately with some WOWcamole and enjoy!

WOWcamole recipe
2 avocados
1 container Salsa Queen pico de Gallo
3 tbsp Salsa Queen creamy jalapeño and a pinch of salt. Mix all together till creamy.

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