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How a Utah mom has created a home-based, personalized plan for her three kids to go to school at home

Posted at 1:30 PM, May 07, 2021

My Tech High contracts with innovative public schools across the country to provide a personalized education program for students who learn best at home.

And, as Matt Bowman, Co-Founder of My Tech High, told us since it's a public school program, it's free for all students in grades K-12 to participate.

Bowman says, "We truly believe that our children are not standard so we give students a voice in designing their ideal education plan -- tapping into the best resources available both at home and in the community."

Utah mom Olivia says her three children tried traditional public school, charter school and home school before My Tech High.

She says, "We've been able to create a home-based, personalized plan, for each of our kids and have access to resources, funding, and support from My Tech High. We've loved the access to technology courses and the opportunities we've had to learn skills like graphic design through Adobe Creative Cloud, how electricity works through
Snap Circuits, and engineering skills through hands-on projects with Tinker Crates and LEGOs."

For parents looking into school at home, Bowman says My Tech High provides you access to a
computer, internet, Certified teachers, a caring support staff, and flexible curriculum options
for ALL subjects, including hands-on tech and entrepreneurship classes!

There are so many amazing resources and options now - both online and in your
community. Don't limit yourself - tap into all of them!

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