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How COVID-19 actually helped a small business thrive

Posted at 1:33 PM, Aug 14, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex and Kelsey Carroll had a burgeoning event business.

But on March 12, everything stopped. Once their tears stopped, they started brainstorming about what the events would be like once they started up again.

So, the Carrolls pivoted and found a new need to meet - branded, freestanding hand sanitizer stations.

Now, just over four months later, Stand Up Stations has posted $7 million in sales, eclipsed the size of their other venture, brought their 13 furloughed employees back to work and helped millions of people keep hands sanitized as business across the country navigate the on-again, off-again reopening.

The santizing stations are all made in the U.S.A. and can be customized with your business logo and more. There are a variety of sizes from ones you can mount on the wall, to a deluxe version with four stations.

You can find everything you need on their website

You can also check them out on Instagram @standupstations, on Facebook @standupstations and Twitter