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How Ken Garff Automotive Group has been supporting the community through COVID-19

Posted at 1:30 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 15:30:15-05

When COVID hit a year ago, the Ken Garff Automotive Group wanted to help several businesses and communities weather the fatigue of the pandemic.

Jason Frampton, Market President for Ken Garff Utah, says the company was built on a heritage of supporting small businesses and communities in need, so they planned 42 days of giving back to those in the communities they serve.

Frampton says, "We started last May when 21 of our Ken Garff dealerships and nearly 1700 employees throughout Utah wanted to make a difference by helping local community members by buying from local businesses during the pandemic and helping other organizations or people who were hit hard by the pandemic in the state."

What better way during a pandemic to say "We're Hear For You" than to find specific needs of individuals and organizations and then help them out?

Since last year, Frampton says Ken Garff Automotive Group has helped the Navajo Nation with goods and supplies, given Sub For Santa gifts, donated playground equipment for a women and children's shelter and built a basketball court for a youth home, just to name a few of the projects.

Ken Garff employees have been incredibly moved and invested in giving back, they've gone way beyond the 42 days, and they're not stopping now!

Go to and provide information to let them know if you need some help. Their team will then go through the process of identifying who they can help because as they say "We're Hear For You".