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How this mom makes money day-trading from home, 20 minutes a day

Posted at 2:08 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 16:08:15-04

You may have heard the term "day-trading" but may not know exactly what it is, or how you can make money doing it just 20 minutes a day, which is about how much "Mommy Day Trader" aka Nina Jorgensen spends on it every day!

"What drew me to day-trading was the income potential and flexibility," Nina said. "Now, three years later, I learned how to improve my winning average and make money working from home. My work takes me maybe 20 minutes a day."

All she says she needs is a cell phone and laptop, and she can work from anywhere.

And so far, the gig has been recession-proof. Nina said she has gotten to the point where she can make money even when the market drops. She adds that her work and lifestyle have not been affected by the pandemic, which would not have been the case when she worked in retail prior to starting as a day-trader.

"I've been able to maintain my income level and still be with my family, and my work hasn't been impacted like some industries and businesses have," she said. "Right now is a great time to pick up day trading as either a second income or primary income job if your work has been affected by the Coronavirus."

Nina is with Day Trade Nation, an education platform with plans for training you to be a successful day-trader.

"Their winning day-trading method all starts with their unique Indicating Software, which tells you when to get in and out of trades," she explained. "This not only makes you a consistent trader but makes it possible to trade in a lot less time."

"Plus, you don't have to analyze every stock market or currency in the world; you can look at your indicators and trade according to what they say."

When you sign up with Day Trade Nation, Nina said you get a coach that trains you one-on-one for nine weeks.

"Your tuition comes with a guaranteed corp-funded account," Nina said. "No one graduates jobless here."

Day Trade Nation is offering a 30-Day Lite Trial for $10. And the first 10 viewers to sign up for the trial get a one-on-one trading session with Nina, who says everyone should just try it and see if it is right for them: At worst, they quit after the trial; at best, you can enjoy a freedom-based lifestyle.

"I had no trading experience or previous knowledge about trading," she said. "I am now a full-time day-trader, meaning I replaced my full-time income working 15 to 30 minutes a day."

Part of the proceeds go towardsFeeding America. Find out more about Day Trade Nation here and find Nina onInstagram at MommyDayTrader.