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How to manage your family's stress and emotions at home

Posted at 1:29 PM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-25 15:29:32-04

Children are experiencing significant changes in routines and stability related to COVID19.

Medical providers for children are being asked about how to respond to these psychological needs.

R. Neal Davis MD, MS, the Executive Medical Director of Pediatric Community Based Care at Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital gave us some good tips and advice.

He says when it comes to managing stress and emotions at home, parents can take stock in their own stress and emotions. Know and recognize your own level of anxiety and try to do what helps you, perhaps listening to music, and focus on that.

Dr. Davis says technology can help. Use technology to keep in touch with family members or make phone calls to grandparents. That will help kids feel safer.

Dr. Davis says parents know their children best and know how much to share with them. He suggests asking them questions to learn how much they know about what's going on. He suggests using fact-based information to talk to them. You can find more guidance at

Parents are also worried about the virus, and Dr. Davis offered advice on that too. He says in general, most children diagnosed with COVID19 are displaying mild symptoms that can be managed at home. But, he says if they get worse or are struggling to breathe, parents should contact their doctor.

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