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How you can help Utahns who live paycheck to paycheck

Posted at 1:33 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 15:33:23-04

The Salt Lake City Mission is working to help some Utahns who live paycheck to paycheck during these uncertain times.

Joe Vazquez, with the Salt Lake City Mission, says people will be going a minimum of two weeks without pay. The impact on them will be significant.

"We are the primary safety net for those living close to the poverty line, we believe we will see an influx in requests for assistance by mid-April," says Vazquez.

Normal food donations from families, businesses, service clubs and the community in general are down.

Vazquez says, "We need the local and federal governments to reconsider including nonprofits in the COVID- 19 Relief and Economic Stimulus Package. Donations to many of our organizations are down because the condition of the stock market is keeping the usual major donors from stepping forward, and the uncertainty of the economy is keeping small gift donors from contributing through direct mail or online."

The people coming to Salt Lake City Mission cannot shop at stores. All donations including cash are being utilized locally. Drop off your contributions to Salt Lake City Mission 1151 S Redwood Rd. Suite 106 or contact them at 801-355-6310 to help.

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