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How your kids can meet a real Power Ranger

Posted at 2:09 PM, Jan 14, 2022

O'Laskey Martial Arts Ranger Academy is Utah Valley's premier kids martial arts institute.

Classes are taught by a real Power Ranger from the TV show and a 5X MMA Champion Mike O'Laskey.

O'Laskey was the former red Power Ranger as well as Colt in the 3 Ninjas franchise.

At his school in Pleasant Grove he teaches kids respect, discipline as well as real world and practical self defense.

The school offers adult kickboxing and self defense, adult grappling and Jiu Jitsu, kids kickboxing, and kids grappling.

O'Laskey says martial arts classes are meant to help develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength as well as social skills. He says, "We can bring out the best in your children to help them succeed in life."

You're invited to a Power Ranger Sword Seminar on Saturday, January 29 at 10am. Your kids can learn cool sword moves, participate in sword battles with friends and get a picture and autograph from a real ranger!

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