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If you have a rental property, a basement or even an extra room, you could be making extra money as an Airbnb

Posted at 1:31 PM, Mar 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 15:41:33-05

It's no surprise the travel industry has drastically changed in the last year.

We checked in with Tiffany Barnes, a realtor and Airbnb specialist in Utah.

She says it was almost a year ago when she lost 90 percent of her reservations, and at that time she was booked out a year in advance.

So, Tiffany said she had to pivot her business by asking herself "Who is still traveling?". The answer was nurses! Nurses wanted a home away from home while they were working in different cities to help with the pandemic.

So, Tiffany marketed to nurses bnbs. She filled her homes with longer-term stays instead of the typical weekend getaways or weeklong vacationers.

As a realtor, she says the market has been so strong that people are selling their homes, without having a place to go. So, she also marketed to them... to have a bnb to stay in while their properties closed.

If you have a house, a basement or even a room that's just collecting junk, Tiffany can help you turn them into a passive rental.

She'll take care of everything for you, from a to z. She'll act as a realtor to help you find a property, she'll help you set up as an Airbnb, doing everything from shopping to decorating. Tiffany will even manage as a co-host, making it completely hands-off for you.

Text "airbnb" to 801-680-6242 or visit for more information.