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If You Like Fresh Food, You'll Love the Park City Farmers Market

Posted at 1:58 PM, Jul 21, 2021

PARK CITY — If you like fresh food, straight from the farm, you are going to love the Park City Famers Market.

The market, which is celebrating its 20th season, has been run by Volker Ritzinger since 2001. Ritzinger, who also runs Volker’s Bakery and sets up his own stand at the market every Wednesday, calls it a labor of love.

“We are glad we made it through last year... we were open... but this year, better than ever!”

Framers come from all over the state to sell in Park City. Typically, on the weekends, vendors spread out to their own hometowns and regions, so Wednesday is the perfect day to get them all in one location at the same time. There is only one rule for farmers looking to set up a booth at the market.

“No GMO allowed,” says Ritzinger. “Everyone has to be organic, otherwise they can’t come.”

The organic food is really what makes the market special, along with the great people you get to meet walking around. There truly is no better way to spend a few hours on a Wednesday in the summer than walking around this parking lot of goodness.

The Park City Farmer’s Market runs every Wednesday from now till October 27th. Hours are 11am-5pm in the Silver King Parking Lot, right in the heart of Park City.

For More information on the market, head to their website at